Monday, August 22, 2011


Housekeeping is a lot like government services. You only truly notice it when someone stops providing it.

You know why you don't have any clean underwear and there isn't any bread in the pantry?

Because we fired the teachers, firefighters and police officers in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and to wage wars we can no longer explain.

The money only goes so far, my darlings. Something's gotta give and ain't it gonna be those with the most.


  1. I couldn't agree more. At least 6 teachers at Nooze's school lost their jobs this year, simply because there was no money to pay them. Even when they were employed, they were expected to supply toilet paper and other random items b/c there was no money in the budget.

    In spite of this, our Governor can go to a 4 day conference in the mountains (at a whopping 40K plus), compliments of the taxpayers.

  2. It's all about priorities, isn't it, Renn? And I'd say right now our priorities are upside down.

  3. I guess my childhood friend had it right. We should only poop at home.

  4. What makes it maddening is that it's so unnecessary.

  5. You got that right! So glad to know about this (relatively) new blog of yours!

  6. Gas was $3.75 at a place I drove by yesterday. They keep saying prices are supposed to come down, but from where? I am tired.

  7. Bzzz! Eminently explainable domains: Superhitlers must be stopped. Duh.

  8. They shut down 6 schools in June here. So now the geniuses are scrambling to figure out the school bus routes. Kids were left stranded, and after school, one kid was simply told there was no more room on the bus.
    Well Duh! Now you have 6 schools worth of kids further away needing transportation. They just happened to strand the kid w autism.
    Some bean counter missed basic math 101.

    BTW Gas here, in Western Oregon topped $4 bucks a gallon.
    $3.75 was the good old days.


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