Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fred Flintstone, Governor of New Jersey

I hear people say they like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Yeah, you like him like you like Fred Flintstone. You're willing to overlook his obnoxious behavior because he comes across like some kind of regular guy. A straight shooter. An ethnic Archie Bunker in a tie.

Well, the truth is he's an obnoxious jerk who's really only in it for himself. I don't think for one second that his vision has anything more to do with the greater good than does that of Dick Cheney or the Koch Brothers. He's about Chris Christie and his power. And he doesn't give a shit which little people he has to step on to obtain it.

His behavior toward his constituents tells you everything you need to know about how little he respects them.

People just give Christie a pass because he looks like your dumbass cousin Tom who doesn't give a shit whether anyone likes him or not either. It's a phenomena that needs a name. We think we like those people who do their utmost to repel us. We think if we like them, then they'll like us back and we'll be in some special club.

We're not after the guy who likes everyone. Think Mitt Romney, my friend, who is so heck bent on making people like him that he's performing more intricate dance steps than Chaz Bono will do on Dancing with the Stars. I get dizzy just listening to Mittens.

To his credit Christie did defend his choice of a Muslim judge when the haters turned up the steam on their Muslim disgust, but that just goes to show you that it remains a universal truth that rarely, if ever will you find someone who is all bad or all good.

No, Christie's exactly what he seems. A kiss up, kick down bully who wants to cut social services and programs that we've all worked long and hard for. And why? So that rich people can keep more of their money, of course. And so that people who contribute to him might make a profit off privatized things like education and libraries. But don't believe me. Read for yourself, my darlings.

Don't be fooled. Just because someone looks like they'd sit right down with you at Ryan's Buffet and enjoy the hell out of those  cinnamon rolls doesn't mean they get you. Trust me, Chris Christie doesn't even see the point of getting you. 


  1. I'm sorry, but the 'dumbass cousin' phrase had me in stitches. You're 100% correct, though. Some people just really don't care what others think, and go to incredible lengths to prove it.

    I giggled hysterically over his press conference when Hurricane Irene was getting ready to hit NJ, though. I was convinced that it was an SNL skit.

  2. The man has his funny moments, it's true. I'm with you. That press conference was like a skit.

  3. "We think we like those people who do their utmost to repel us. We think if we like them, then they'll like us back and we'll be in some special club."

    So very sophomoric and HS of us as a society but hits the nail on the head. I don't want representation or a president that I would like to have a few wings and a beer with - I have friends for that thank you very much and if you are smart enough to fix the economy and create jobs we might can afford to toss a few back together again - me and my friends that is.
    I want a president ( and representation ) that is smart, responsible, strategic and has the interests and needs of the country as a WHOLE at heart. Yeah, I know- good luck with that...
    "Women... They get wooly" - feeling kinda wooly

  4. Woolly - gah I'm knitter you would think I could spell woolly... (rolling eyes)

  5. O - Exactly. It's the George W. Bush thing all over again. Fuck that folksy shit. Give me smart and the rest of what you said you want in your leadership.

  6. IOKIYAR. Sure, the guy acts like an ass-Whole and people say he's "Just Folks", someone to have a beer with, let someone from the other side criticize TeaBaggers and it's the "End of the World as we Know it!!"


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