Friday, September 16, 2011

Wide Sarcasm Sea

Here's a perfect example of why we're getting nowhere. Our media continues to keep us mired in the most ridiculous places.

The setting:  Morning Joe
The main cast for this segment:  Joe, Mika, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and Peggy Noonan, a serious woman of serious words in her own mind
The subject: The blood lust on the Right, specifically the sustained applause for executions in Texas during this past week's Tea Party debate televised on CNN

First Peggy declared that this was really nothing. You see drooling, babbling weirdos at Left Wing events, too. It's nothing, inconsequential, the crazy uncle at dinner who wants to tell you about his most recent tinfoil needs.

Eugene Robinson would have none of it. No, not true. First, there is no equivalent of this kind of disgusting behavior on the Left and second you'd never see a far left group be allowed to have a national debate on television.

Joe stepped in, cutting off Robinson, but in a way that made Peggy admit that as one of the people in attendance at the debate, she was shocked at the audience reaction to the high number of executions in Texas.

She recovered quickly though by attacking the Obama Administration and evoking the words Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater. Then she coughed dust.

Yes, that was the only arrow left in Peggy Noonan's quiver. Trying to make some sort of connection between a president who is trying desperately to work with a recalcitrant and craven Republican House of Representatives to fix the fucking economy and events so moldy they would have felt comfy in my mother in law's fridge. I suppose when you're left with nothing but crazies to the right of you and a widening gap between you and the Left, you've gotta reach far to take a slap.


  1. You do realize that you're clinically mad for watching such programming.

  2. I know, Randal. I have the certificate of authenticity.

  3. What Randal said!! Do you beat your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop???? Or do you watch so we don't have to??

    I've heard that Joe has said a few rational things lately when the Tea-Bagger acolytes have really gone over the edge, but he is still a FuckingRepublican and always will be one and therefore will continue to spout the party line bullshit propaganda.

  4. Oh, you gotta see Tengrain's work at Mock, Paper Scissors for his parody of Peggy Fucking Noonan, it is off the charts.


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