Thursday, October 06, 2011

American Dream Movement

Dennis Trainor, Jr. explains what The American Dream Movement is doing in D.C. beginning today.

If you're in the D. C. area, why not join them? It's times like these that I really hate it that I live so far away from New York City and D.C. where the biggest protests happen.

The time is now. The message is clear. If we want our country back, we're going to have to fight for it. Back from whom, you ask?

From assholes like this. Because how in the fuck they think this economy is sustainable is beyond reason. They'd be smart to realize that the most dangerous adversary to have is the one who has nothing left to lose.

Jobs gone. Houses foreclosed. Cars towed away. Kids who can't afford college. 401ks decimated. People dying because of a lack of basic health care.

Yeah, being that One Percent must feel really swell. As long as you can ignore the underlying feeling of it being temporary, I suppose.

They've got it all until the Revolution comes.