Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Color of Greed

Someone recently said something to me about school districts in a certain city. The districts had been recently taken over the state because the local school boards were failing their mission.  You know, blacks enriching themselves at the expense of other blacks.

As if that's somehow unique to African Americans.

Huh. That's interesting. Because....

Bernie Madoff. White.
Enron. The smartest guys in the room. Remember them? Mostly pasty white.

Source (2006)

Jack Abramoff. Just because I have a crush on him, doesn't mean he isn't  slime.

The Robber Barons. They look pretty white. And look how gleeful all the money made them.

And the biggest whiner.

Enriching himself at the expense of all ethnic groups and his god.

I'm sure these two need no introduction. Pay no attention to  Trump's tanning goggle lines.

Nor these two.
And lest you think I believe it's all on one side of the political spectrum....

James Traficant and his Hair of Corruption.

Good old Rostenkowski. What?
In case you wonder how it's done.

Or these fellas look happy. Wonder why?


  1. I bet all these guys believe passionately in a just world. Do you? I don't. But the color of greed is White and almost entirely male. Women are merely tokens.

  2. You know, blacks enriching themselves at the expense of other blacks.
    That's the problem, the white guys aren't getting their mitts on the money!!

  3. I think all you've shown is that greed knows no color boundaries. Look at the $$ Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pull down.

    And bottom line, the original point of your story still failing, state takes about all the greedy white guys you want, doesn't change the sad facts of this case....

    1. i def agree greed crosses all boundaires...but at the top there are def a plethora of white men...being a white male, i can vouch for those of us on the bottom...haha..

      ugh on taking over a school system though...and the state will do what with they have a clue...

    2. Hey, Brian. I'm still writing at as well as here.


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